• Bell Stores History

Our History

Campbell Oil, the parent company of BellStores, has a long and proud history. Below are a few highlights from our founding to our 75th anniversary and beyond. We look forward to keeping your family on full for a long time to come!

  • 1939 Founded

    Campbell Oil

    Original Campbell Oil Headquarters

    Campbell Oil, the parent company of BellStores, was founded in 1939. Chester K. “Chet” Campbell started delivering gasoline and kerosene by horse-drawn wagons, setting up shop on Lincoln Way in Massillon, Ohio. One of Campbell Oil’s first services entailed filling kerosene pot lanterns for road construction. 75 years later, we are still doing business in Massillon and we are proud to call Massillon home.

  • 1947 Incorporation

    Headquarters moved

    In 1947, after years of growth, Campbell Oil became incorporated to provide a solid business foundation for the future. Campbell Oil’s headquarters were moved in 1961 to a location on Erie Street, located in South Massillon. After years of sustained progress, Campbell Oil purchased Steiner Oil Company (Wooster, OH) in 1980, adding Shell and Union Oil brands to their portfolio. In 1985 we opened our first convenience store in Orrville, Ohio.

    •  1947 - Incorporated
    •  1961 - HQ relocated to Erie Street, Massillon
    •  1980 - Purchase of Steiner Oil Co.
    •  1985 - Opened our first convenience store
  • 1988 Growth

    A New CEO

    Jack Decker was named the second CEO of Campbell Oil in 1988. He promptly acquired 11 convenience store locations from Shell Oil Company in 1994, expanding the company’s presence in the Akron and Canton markets. In 1995, Campbell Oil sold more than 100 million gallons of fuel, and by 1996 BellStores, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary) was formed to operate convenience stores. The first official “BellStores” location was opened in 1996 in Alliance, Ohio.

  • 1997 A New Era

    Hello, Bell!


    Our current President and CEO, Brian Burrow, stepped into his role in 1997. As the company continued to grow, BellStores shifted from Shell Oil to Citgo to gain a competitive pricing advantage. In 2002, BellStores adopted "Bell", a golden retriever as its mascot, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in our stores.

  • 2004 Partners

    Food Service, Restaurants and Marathon

    M Hex

    Our Food Service division was born in 2004 when we dedicated staff and resources to operate Subway, Dairy Queen, and Domino’s stores within our gas stations. Another pivotal change came in 2006 when Campbell Oil and BellStores named Marathon our official branded gasoline partner. Marathon is a U.S. owned company and headquartered in Ohio (Findlay). By the end of 2009, there were 43 BellStores locations and 15 food service offerings, providing local jobs and stellar service to customers. Today, with 75 BellStores and 27 food service locations, the company continues to grow to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities it serves.

  • 2014 75 Years

    A Bold Move

    New Campbell Oil Headquarters

    In 2014, a few changes were made to Campbell Oil and BellStores. Marking 75 years as company, Campbell Oil came out with a new logo and branding; as well as, the opening of the new corporate office on Hills and Dales in Massillon, Ohio. The headquarters was built to house the growth and development of BellStores for years to come.