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Our Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to ensure long-term financial success through the efforts of a talented team of individuals in a performance-based environment. We will promote an atmosphere that encourages employee growth and development. Campbell Oil Company is dedicated to distributing the highest quality products and unparalleled services to a broad customer base. We will secure relationships with business associates who share our commitment to excellence. We will continually strengthen our business units and capitalize upon diversification to enhance growth. In all of these efforts, we will build on the time honored tradition, quality reputation, and ethical standards of Campbell Oil Company.

Our Core Values


We believe in the old saying, “there is no ‘I’ in team.” Individually we cannot achieve what can be done when a team is at work, which is apparent every day at our stores and in our office.


We are sincere in all of our business dealings. From customer transactions to employee relations, we operate in an honest, moral fashion.


We believe that you can still conduct business without being abrasive. We are kind to our co-workers and business partners and expect the same in return. We want to be every vendor’s favorite client!


We believe that keeping the family at the center of what we do goes a long way. From the family-friendly atmosphere in our stores to our adopted motto, “Keep the family on full,” we strive to promote family values at BellStores.


At BellStores, we cherish our employees. We want you to feel like you are part of something bigger. Our goal is for every employee to feel special and valued, which is why we recognize and reward hard work when we see it.