• Marathon fuel

About Our Fuel

BellStores is committed to providing our customers with quality fuel as well as fair, honest prices and we proudly offer Marathon gasoline at each of our BellStores locations. Through this partnership, Marathon provides superior fuel to keep your car running at its optimum level. Marathon is a certified provider of Top Tier™ Clean gasoline, providing a higher level of STP detergent additive for even greater cleaning power. Our gasoline will continue to fight the accumulation of harmful deposits and improve the performance of your vehicle’s engine. STP Additives deliver the same performance and quality that millions of consumers already know and expect from the STP brand name. The gasoline you find at BellStores features STP branded Additives in all grades of gasoline.

So what does this mean to you? Compared to gasoline that uses only the minimum EPA required dose of detergent additives, Marathon Top Tier™ Clean gasoline with STP Additives contain more than double the amount of deposit control detergents. These detergents are designed to help prevent the buildup of performance-robbing deposits, thus helping to maintain engine cleanliness and reduce emissions. You’ll also see better fuel economy and a restoration of lost power. The additives are custom-made for Marathon gasoline, giving us exclusive use of them in our marketing territory. No other brand can offer gasoline with STP branded Additives in any market where the Marathon flag flies – pretty cool, huh?

Diesel Fuel

In addition to our superior gasoline offerings, we carry diesel fuel at most BellStores locations. Folks tend to choose our diesel product over our competitor’s because we treat it with Diesel Kleen in the colder months. By using this supplement on our fuel, we are able to optimize our diesel to prevent gelling in the winter. Diesel Kleen features +Cetane Boost, further helping your engine start faster and run smoother.

Our support staff is dedicated to delivering you premium fuel with every fill-up. Additionally, our fuel is safe for many different engines – from boats to lawn mowers to snow blowers – we’ve got you covered. At BellStores, we know you have many interests. To accommodate all of your hobbies, we offer more than just gasoline. In addition to three grades of gasoline and diesel fuel, we also offer K-1 kerosene, propane, and REC-90 (at participating locations).

After you are finished refueling your car, step into our store and pick up a snack to refresh your mind and body!